YaTQA / Yet another TeamSpeak 3 Query App (RUS) PRE-RUS

Русифицированная версия YaTQA

  1., 04 Sep 2019 !!! \| Перевод без правок и проверок перевода! |/ !!!

  2. YaTQA 3.9.7 released (28 Mar 2019) | RUS Update 01.03.19 |

    3.7.0 (27 Mar 2019) http://yat.qa/changelog/

    Because I was on holiday when the first beta was released and because the changes were minimal, I did not really bother to release a new version for 3.7.0 as quickly as I normally do.
    • Added new query connection limit setting (3.7.0)
    • Added new badge
    • Increased time limit to end of August 2019
    • Updated permissions (still version 22)
  3. YaTQA 3.9.6 released (12 Feb 2019) | RUS Update 01.03.19 |

    3.9.4-beta (05 Sep 2018)

    This version is for 3.4.0-beta or newer.
    • Added support for new use (3.4.0+)
    • Removed phonetic nickname from settings (YaTQA now uses the new official way to change the query nickname via use which doesn’t support phonetic names)
    • Updated console params for use (3.4.0+)
    • Added support for virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_plugin_block (3.4.0+)
    3.9.4 (10 Sep 2018)

    This version is for 3.4.0-beta...
  4. YaTQA released (20 Aug 2018) | RUS Update 01.09.18 |

    ●• Обновление перевода под новую версию. •●

    Summer Release 2018

    3.9.1-beta (15 Mar 2018, unofficial release, snapshots only)

    • Fixed blacklist2 check (serverside change, affects all blacklist2-enabled versions without the need for an update)
    • Added support for more details in blacklist2 check (you can now how the server is blacklisted, e.g. by IP or domain/nickname)
    • Completely...
  5. YaTQA 3.9d released (01 Mar 2018) | RUS Update 01.03.18|

    ●• Обновление перевода под новую версию/небольшие фиксы ошибок. •●

    3.9d (01 Mar 2018)

    3.9c (19 Feb 2018)

    • Fixed typecast error when copying groups
    • Updated supported server version
    • ––– English development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • ––– German development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • –––...
  6. YaTQA 3.8 released (21 Aug 2017) | RUS Update 24.08.17 |

    ●• Обновление перевода/исправление ошибок. •●

    3.8 (21 Aug 2017)

    • Added new client versions
    • Added features to the new user permissions list to select all users, server permissions or channel permissions
    • Internal changes to handling list selections
    • Significantly improved performance of the Ctrl+A shortcut
    • Increased time limit to include up to February 2018
    • Major SSH tunnel...
  7. 3.7.1

    • Fixed icon selection window being incorrectly sized in the English version
    • Updated badges (removed TeamSpeak’s testing stuff)
    • Fixed incorrect position of “All servers” checkbox on bans tab
    • Made badges support compatible with 3.1.1 and up
    • Made RedeemerTS3 ignore the case of the Overwolf badge
    • All references to the file backup, file list and snapshot manipulation features are now removed if in Freeware mode
    • Fixed the permission overview feature being in the context...
  8. v3.7 (08 Feb 2017)

    v3.7 (08 Feb 2017)

    • Added an option to change what YaTQA is waiting for when waiting for SSH prompt (you can use {User} as a placeholder for the user you entered; default ist {User}@) (YaTQA Pro)
    • Fixed a bug that displayed the host banner aspect ratio settings incorrectly (swapped “ignore” and “keep” options in all places but the dropdown list when changing it from the “Advanced” tab)
    • Changed console parameter help and “What’s that value?” features to...
  9. 3.7-rc2b RUS [Pre]

    Winter Release 2017 (Part I)

    3.7-rc1 (19 Oct 2016, unofficial release)

    • ––– English development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Fixed two buttons being default (blue border, so they are activated when pressing enter) in login tab when connected
    • Fixed server group member controls not being aligned right in permissions tab
    • If the window is wide enough, the server group window list now spans the full...
  10. 3.6.1 (RUS)

    3.6.1 (30 Aug 2016)

    • ––– English development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Added new SRV TSDNS lookup scheme (superseeded by the next change)
    • Added a combo box to select the version for the DNS lookup simulator (either 3.0.8 or 3.1)
      • Note: This feature will be removed in the final winter release.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a strange message when the blacklist checker received an empty or no answer from...